Leigh V. Medders, CPA, LLC


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  • Sales tax returns are due monthly on the 20th of the month.  Please have your information in our office by the 10th so we can insure your returns are prepared on time.

A little background

While growing up my grandfather, father and uncle owned a construction company.  I learned very early the rewards and responsibilities in being self employed.  I then went on to Delta State University in Cleveland, MS where I majored in Accounting and three and a half years later graduated with a bachelors in Business.  During 2005 and 2006 I traveled North and South America until it was time to settle down.  I began to work for a CPA in Monroe, LA and sat for the CPA exam in 2008.  I passed all four sections of the CPA exam on my first attempt.  In mid 2010, I opened my practice and began to help the very types of individuals and businesses that shaped my childhood.  

Our Services

We provide a wide variety of tax, accounting and financial services. They range from financial planning to assisting you in resolving your tax issues. We also can assist you in starting up your business and all of the required filings.

  • Individual Income Taxes
  • Business Income Taxes
  • Sales Tax
  • Payroll Tax
  • Financial & Tax Planning
  • Federal & State Tax Agency Resolutions
  • Business Formations